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Your support of scholarships in speech-language pathology will help students pursue a full-time master of science degree and prepare them for a career in a health care setting.


Housed in the School of Health Sciences and Practice, the Department of Speech-Language Pathology offers a medically oriented program in Speech-Language Pathology, designed to prepare graduates to pursue a career in a health care setting. The program draws on unique academic and clinical resources of the university to teach the skills required of speech-language pathologists as they fill an expanding role health care settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and skilled nursing facilities. The academic program has a well-designed sequence of courses to provide students with the foundational information needed to excel in subsequent clinical courses. 


We believe that effective and ethical clinical practice is based on a critical analysis of scientific and clinical evidence. Our goal is to provide the clinical reasoning skills to meet the needs of individuals whose communication or swallowing deficit is part of a more complex congenital, developmental, medical disorder or traumatic injury. 


At NYMC, it is our goal to provide the highest quality experience in medical and healthcare education, beginning with the ability to help our students adequately finance their education, and in turn, lessen their financial burden upon graduation.  Paying for medical and health sciences education is increasingly challenging, and the median debt levels for health sciences graduates has increased dramatically across the nation in recent years.  At NYMC, the number of students attending SHSP to study speech-language pathology is also increasing each year, and more and more of these students are applying for financial aid than ever before.





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